TerraMarco International is a power developer deploying proven, economically reliable technology to those underserved by electrical grids. The TMI team utilizes deep connections in the technology, finance, and international communities to bring unique utility solutions to the developing world. The goal is to improve lives and communities, while leveraging the best technology and financial solutions available for superior investment returns. 

Developing countries in particular need affordable power to create industry and jobs, to improve sanitation and water treatment, to provide better levels of human health and higher standards of living as they climb out of the trap of poverty -- just as the rich world did over the preceding two centuries.

TerraMarco solves for distributed energy and infrastructure certainty, enabling the 4 Human Need Pillars: Food, Water, Healthcare, Security

TerraMarCo is derived from the phrase Earth & Sea in Spanish, and the TMI team has assets and resources disbursed across several continents, including deep partnerships with engineers, policy-makers and investors in the United States, Europe, South America and Africa. Based in Washington, DC, TMI is capable of deploying capital and project implementation teams globally.


TMI is particularly focused on bringing best-in-class technology to bear on longstanding developing world problems. Technologies related to Energy-from-Waste, biofuels, and water purification have been extensively vetted and implemented.